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Sveiki, Mūsų partneriai organizuoja mokymus Birmingeme, Jungtinėje Karalystėje, Sausio 29 – Vasario 4d. Norintys dalyvauti ar gauti daugiau informacijos kreipkitės į Brigitą Pruskaitę iki sausio 1 d.

Daugiau apie mokymus:
Introduction to the TC project

The 2nd European Youth Work Convention April 2015 (EYWC) sought to find ‘common ground’ amongst youth workers, non-formal educators, policy makers, and national agencies. Elaborating on the Convention’s theme of ‘common ground’, this Training Course will provide an early opportunity for youth work and non-formal education practitioners to explore what ‘common ground’ means at local, regional, national and European levels.

What are its objectives:

• To support participants in their individual learning and professional development.
• To create a positive learning environment in which participants collaborate and co-operate in each others’ learning.
• To create mobility between youth workers and non-formal educators across Europe.
• To enable youth workers and non-formal educators to develop their own European networks.
• To inspire youth workers and non-formal educators to create and deliver successful social action projects across Europe.
• To foster greater inter-cultural dialogue, understanding, and learning.